Quarterly Update - November 2016

Yes, here it is, another issue of Q, the Wesley Clover Quarterly Update. I am pleased to share with you more stories of focus, hard work and success. Many of the companies in our portfolio are entering the busiest time of the year, coming out of the planning and refining months of summer and into the execution, hunting and gathering months that lead toward the end of the calendar year. I very much relate to the drive, the urgency, for the companies, the partners and customers alike.

In this issue, you will read about an adjustment in branding and positioning that is setting one of the premiere members of the technology portfolio up for increased market leadership and growth. For others, product enhancements that were planned and developed over the summer months are now launched and being actively marketed and sold, opening up even more opportunities with existing and new customers. Some of the new companies are establishing first-time or expanded partnerships that hold high growth potential. And many of the other companies are continuing to win awards and grow monthly and annual revenues. Almost like ‘business as usual’! And all are doing this with a continued eye to domestic and global business expansion, and that includes the team at Wesley Clover International itself.

For other Wesley Clover business areas, the change of Quarters means a change of seasonal focus. The hotels are shifting their hospitality offerings over to fall and Christmas themes. The golf courses are focusing on indoor events and making plans for next summer. And Wesley Clover Parks, the not-for-profit philanthropic initiative, is moving into exciting fall and winter programs and events.

I am pleased to report that all businesses had strong results to share in this Update, and solid plans looking ahead. Do enjoy reading about the activities, and thank you for your continued interest.

Kind Regards,
Terry Matthews, Chairman


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