Newsletter November - In This Issue

From the Chairman

Software as a Service, or SaaS.  We have all heard this term, and likely had direct experience with the technology.  For context, SaaS refers to the business model whereby software applications are hosted by a vendor or service provider on their own or third-party (i.e., leased) infrastructure, and made available to customers over a network connection (typically the Internet) using a recurring subscription license model — typically a monthly fee.  Sometimes the fee is an annual one, based on customer preference.  Regardless, for vendors and customers alike today, SaaS is now the predominant model for the provision and acquisition of all forms of software.

Wesley Clover is active in this ever-growing market, and enjoying some of the successes that come along with it.  We are pleased to share some insight in this latest copy of our Newsletter.  As always, I trust you will enjoy the read.