Partnering and Going Global Fast

Wesley Clover founds and funds start-ups around the globe, directly and in partnership with local governments, academic institutions and like-minded businessmen. Operating as a serial ‘super angel’, the company invests exclusively in ICT technology opportunities where its strategic advantages can best be leveraged.

Key among those advantages is the ‘Alacrity’ investment model. A hands-on investment program, Alacrity provides entrepreneurs with a much-better-than-average chance of success by surrounding them with more than just capital. The program includes highly experienced mentorship, an established ecosystem of intellectual property and platform technology as a basis from which to innovate, access to vital first-client relationships for product validation, and established channels to market for reduced time to revenue and growth.

The Alacrity model is intentionally flexible, adapting to the unique needs of each environment in which we participate. The following shows our current partnering activities, all of which are based considerably if not entirely on the Alacrity model:

L-SPARK logo
Partnering with local governments to leverage Federal and Provincial programs, Wesley Clover founded L-SPARK, the first Canadian Incubator and Accelerator focused exclusively on Enterprise Software ventures with a cloud and SaaS emphasis. L-SPARK surrounds their entrepreneurs with similarly-focused venture capital firms and angel investors, lead partners and experienced mentors who work in a high-touch manner with each start-up to create a flow of fundable new companies in an enterprise-focused ecosystem.

Alacrity Foundation logo
Alacrity Foundation
Wesley Clover is a founding member of The Alacrity Foundation in British Columbia, Canada – a non-profit organization with two primary functions: to find venture capital funding to support the growth and success of sponsored Western Canadian technology companies, and to provide an intense training environment to prepare graduates for entrepreneurship in the local technology sector.

Alacrity Foundation logo
Alacrity Foundation
Wesley Clover is also a founding member of The Alacrity Foundation in Newport, Wales, UK – a similar not-for-profit Incubator that provides recent graduates with continued education, mentorship, industry partnering and support (including a financial allowance) in an environment designed to enable them to start, build and ultimately own their own technology company.

Netas Wesley Clover Technology Fund logo
Netas Wesley Clover Technology Fund
Wesley Clover is a founding member of the Netas Wesley Clover Technology Fund. The fund was established in Turkey together with global strategic partners, and operates with the investment mandate of finding and/or founding a portfolio of seed‐stage start-up companies focused on the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

Beyond the active locations mentioned above, Wesley Clover is deploying the Alacrity model in France, Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia and India, and also has the plans and resources to extend deployments beyond these countries.  Inquiries regarding our activities in these or other global regions should be directed to the offices on our Contact page, or to