2021 Round Up – a Summary from Alacrity Global

Calendar 2021 was an active year for Alacrity Global, notwithstanding the business-affecting realities of a world-wide pandemic. The team helped orchestrate nine portfolio-company exits over the period, bringing the total estimated value of all 13 Alacrity exits to more than USD$250M in proceeds. Each of these companies has been successfully founded, mentored and grown within one of the six Alacrity international locations, from the start-up stage to revenue-generating firms with viable products for global markets. All are now continuing that growth with new investment partners.

For 2022, the priorities for the Alacrity Global team are to replace the latest nine exit companies and raise further funds to support the next entrepreneurs requiring growth capital for scale-up and expansion strategies. A summary of the Alacrity Global program at the end of 2021 is as follows … alacrity.co