Key Foundation Initiatives

Wesley Clover Parks is one of the major initiatives undertaken by the Wesley Clover Foundation, and is a local, not-for-profit outdoor recreation and learning hub that promotes health and education in the immediate and extended communities. The property provides activities and events under six areas of focus: CAMP, FARM, GATHER, LEARN, PLAY and RIDE. Visit the Wesley Clover Parks website for more details.

TechTuesday is a free networking and presentation event held for the benefit of the local community on the first Tuesday of each month. Made possible by the Wesley Clover Foundation, the event is open to all. Details can be found on the Events page of this website.

The Wesley Clover Foundation also supports other local causes. Support is focused on the areas of Entrepreneurship, Healthcare, Education and the immediate Community. Follow this link to review our Code of Ethics. Follow this link to submit a request for support.