Technology Investments

Independently and together with partners, Wesley Clover invests in a range of technology funds and companies around the world, including within the Alacrity Global fund initiative and the L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator. Examples of some of these technology investments are shown below.

AI-driven credit risk analysis solutions
Platform to manage credit portfolios for financial and fintech companies
Customer experience and engagement solutions
Independent film production and distribution
AI-based monitoring for improved management for Multiple Sclerosis
Leader in online background checks and identity verification
Patient engagement platform for medical and care professionals
Mobile and desktop unified communications software2
Platform for connecting brands with social influencers
Optimize your customs clearance processes
SaaS for location-based social media search and monitoring2
AI-powered edge computing platform
Mobile software for analysis, management of utility company infrastructure2
Platform for online gift voucher management in the hotel and leisure industries
Help art market professionals meet their legal AML obligations
Platform for graphing internal research data to optimize insight and decision-making
Software solutions for digital health and social care
Platform for cybersecurity awareness training and auditing
World-leading authority on cyber adversary infrastructure
Platform for personalized learning environments for education and business2
Platform for cloud cost management and optimization
SaaS for enterprise digital experience monitoring1
Better manage your customers' departures to extract more value from them
Global leader in unified communications2
Project management solution for interior designers, interior decorators and home stagers
The European Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solution
All-in-one experience management solutions
Monetization software to reward fans for social media shopping and sharing2
Guide and protect human traffic on your private site
Guide and protect human traffic on your private site
Software for enabling referral programs with web applications2
Platform for fraud prevention for electronic commerce
AI-powered segmentation and personalization solutions
Leading enabler of event-driven architecture for real-time enterprises
Leader in cloud video surveillance systems
Mobile network coverage performance maps
Utility customer engagement software
Digital services software for contact centers
Solutions enabling operational efficiency, improved customer service and enhanced employee safety
Leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms
Human resources tech SaaS solution
Global leader in field intelligence1
Secure your cold chain flows and save energy
Crowdsourced data for the mobile industry2
Consumer data/research platform for consumer behavior, products, communications, brands, and markets
Digital client onboarding system for law firms, real estate agents, and other regulated businesses
Optimize your operations with computer vision and artificial intelligence
Digital transformation tech solutions and integration services
Contract lifecycle management software
Simple, fast and secure voice authentication
1 Public
2 Ecosystem & Partners