Active Technology Investments

Independently and together with partners, Wesley Clover has investments in a range of technology funds and companies around the world, including within the Alacrity Global fund initiative and the L-SPARK SaaS Accelerator.  All active technology investments in the portfolio are shown below.

Platform for enabling online subscription-based businesses.
Mobile SaaS for real-time customer engagement.
Independent film production and distribution.
SaaS platform for connecting job seekers with job openings.
Platform for advanced screening of applicants in property management, financial markets.
SaaS platform to help clinics improve patient outreach and engagement.
Intelligent testing tools for improved software development.
Mobile and desktop unified communications software.
Platform for connecting brands with social influencers.
Platform for encouraging internal innovation and collaboration.
SaaS for location-based social media search and monitoring.
Mobile software for analysis, management of utility company infrastructure.
Secure IP and legacy VPN routers for converged and broadband solutions.
Platform for connecting clients one-on-one with English-language tutors.
Platform for online gift voucher management in the hotel and leisure industries.
SaaS platform for automated enterprise-content analysis and migration.
Platform for information security awareness training and auditing.
Cloud monetization platform for MSPs & CSPs
Advanced software for real-time cybersecurity threat protection.
SaaS software for better scheduling, management of event staff and volunteers.
Software to enable IoT connectivity for device manufacturers.
SaaS for creating private social networks focused on education.
Performance management software for unified communications systems and networks.
SaaS platform for interior design projects, customers and payments.
Communications platform for improved customer engagement.
Monetization software to reward fans for social media shopping and sharing.
Mobile forms software for remote, field data capture.
Software for enabling referral programs within web applications.
Platform for enabling people to record precious memories and experiences.
E-Commerce personalization platform for online retailers.
Messaging middleware for rapid application data distribution.
Platform for contextual analysis of video beyond surveillance applications.
Connecting employers and flexible workers to leverage the new 'gig' economy.
Changing the way people see and interact with energy consumption.
Text/voice/video and co-browsing software for contact-/call-centers.
India market entry and software engineering/ support services.
Enhanced voice and data applications for two-way radio environments.
Next-generation wireless signal analysis platforms.
Platform to crowdsource smartphone users for outsourcing field tasks.
Platform for opportunity, relationship management in volunteer environments.
In-country sales and support services for portfolio company technologies.
Mission-critical voice communications platforms.