TechTuesday is a free monthly event brought to you by the Wesley Clover Foundation and open to all who are interested. For our next session, we are pleased to present the following.

The Bootstrap Awards Are Back!

The TechTuesday team is pleased once again to host to the annual Ottawa Bootstrap Awards, returning to the live stage on Tuesday June 7th. Launched nearly two decades ago, the Bootstrap Awards are a grassroots program designed to recognize the outstanding achievements of local entrepreneurs who have built successful early-stage companies entirely through “bootstrapping” – self-capitalizing as opposed to seeking external investors.

The 2022 Awards will celebrate eight deserving winners, across categories for Green, Innovation, SAAS, Marketing, Bootstrap Capital, Disruptor, Community Impact and Founder of the Year. The Awards are co-presented by The Ottawa Network and Intellectual Property (IP) law firm Smart & Biggar, with support from community partner Invest Ottawa. We hope you can join us to celebrate these achievements.


Please register by June 3rd in order to help us plan.

Prearrange conversations with others who will be attending this event. Use the TechTuesday LinkedIn page and Group to see the contact details of all who have agreed (i.e., they are 'Following' the page or have 'Joined' the group). Do the same to share your contact details with them, and plan individual meetings from there. This is an optional step.

Connect with Attendees
If you do wish to register, please help us plan for food and seating arrangements by doing so before May 2nd. If you wish to register more than one person, please ensure you register each one individually. Thank you once again.
Terry Matthews
Terry Matthews