TechTuesday is a free monthly event brought to you by the Wesley Clover Foundation and open to all who are interested. For our next session, we are pleased to present the following.

The 2020 Bootstrap Awards

It is our pleasure to invite you again this year to the 2020 edition of the annual Ottawa Bootstrap Awards, being held at the next TechTuesday on the evening of March 3rd. These awards recognize a range of accomplishments by local entrepreneurs who live the self-funded realities of early-stage non-profit or commercial companies.

The event is produced in partnership with The Ottawa Network and Smart & Biggar, and is being sponsored by Invest Ottawa.  Details on each of the awards and the winners will be announced on the Bootstrap Awards Facebook page.  We hope you can join us to celebrate the impressive achievements of these bootstrapped companies.

Logos of Smart & Biggar, The Bootstrap Awards, and The Ottawa Network

Please register by March 3rd in order to help us plan.

Prearrange conversations with others who will be attending this event. Use the TechTuesday LinkedIn page and Group to see the contact details of all who have agreed (i.e., they are 'Following' the page or have 'Joined' the group). Do the same to share your contact details with them, and plan individual meetings from there. This is an optional step.

Connect with Attendees
Please help us plan for the food and seating arrangements by registering before February 4th. If you wish to register more than one person, please ensure you register each individually. Thank you.
Terry Matthews
Terry Matthews