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Better Communications, Better Teams, Better Results

Employees bring a range of personality, opinion, attitude and other qualities to the workplace. We are all human – it is unavoidable. In most cases this is very desirable in fact. However, some behaviours are potentially disruptive or detrimental to the environment and to team performance. This is certainly not desirable. But it is not uncommon. So how are such situations best managed?

Welcome to the first TechTuesday of the new decade. Our guest speaker to start off the new year will be James Lauber with GraftOn-SST, and he will share with us some of the tactics his training and experiences have taught him will have the most desirable outcomes.

James spent 10 years as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designer/programmer, and another 15 years becoming an expert in Project Management for high-risk software systems. Along the way, he also became a public speaker and workshop facilitator in the field he is most passionate about – team building, employee engagement, cross-silo cooperation and communications for influence.

It is in this capacity that he will join us on the first Tuesday of February, speaking to what motivates behaviours (good and bad), and how best to manage workplace interactions. For example, most of the time people are responding to their ‘perceptions’ of a situation. Evolving one’s communications skills to manage such nuances can result in more effective team management, control and influence. We hope you can join us to learn more …

Kevin FordJames Lauber


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