TechTuesday is a free monthly event brought to you by the Wesley Clover Foundation and open to all who are interested. For our next session, we are pleased to present the following.

New L-SPARK Partnerships Enable Exciting Local Innovation

SaaS Accelerator L-SPARK has been busy the past months developing new partnerships to build upon their legacy of helping innovative companies spring onto the Canadian and global technology stage. And the scope for the next wave of start-ups they are working with is definitely impressive.

We can guess how transformative the emerging industry around autonomous vehicle will be. We can sense how important the next generation of wireless networks and IoT devices will be. We also know the critical role cybersecurity will play in these and most other technology developments. L-SPARK Executive Managing Director Leo Lax will be the guest speaker at the April TechTuesday, and he will update us on the initiatives his team and key new partners have undertaken together in these fields. It is an exciting time for the companies involved and for the Kanata region as a whole, and you don’t want to miss this insight.

Please help us plan for the food and seating arrangements by registering before April 2nd. If you wish to register more than one person, please ensure you register each one individually. Thank you.

Leo Lax
Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director, L-SPARK


Please register by April 2nd in order to help us plan.

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Terry Matthews