AirVM Rebrands as HyAlto — All About Data-driven Insight

Portfolio company AirVM was busy updating more than their product platform over the last Quarter. The company has adopted a new corporate brand as well, being known as HyAlto moving forward. And HyAlto is all about the cloud, particularly multi-cloud environments in which, as discussed earlier in this report, enterprises want to source services from different cloud providers for the best combination of performance and price.

With multi-cloud, enterprises need the visibility to ensure their usage is right-sized and aligned with business priorities. The HyAlto platform provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and their enterprise clients with an automated, scalable, cloud-agnostic toolset and easy-to-use dashboards to address these needs. The company has go-to-market partnerships in place now with leading cloud service providers VMware and Veeam, and has additional agreements pending that will extend their ecosystem.

The cloud and Artificial Intelligence (AI) also make for good partners. Capturing crucial, accurate data and unlocking its full potential is central to what the HyAlto platform does, and what the emerging field of AI applications is all about. For example, the reports generated through HyAlto can be supplemented with custom AI algorithms to track, in real-time, resource utilization across all workloads that an end client is running in various clouds. This helps the MSP/CSP identify cost optimization opportunities for the client, as their trusted cloud advisor. And while security and other factors are key objectives for clients, the recurring theme is that cloud cost control is driving business plans. HyAlto offers recommendations on where best to place workloads to achieve this cost control.

That said, as a cloud monetization platform, HyAlto is also designed to help partners increase profitability. Work is under way to build an online MSP/CSP marketplace, where new services can be ordered, existing ones adjusted, industry trends and developments can be shared and more. Monitoring and analysis can be shared with the community as a whole to help suggest, for example, new revenue and upsell opportunities.

The MSP/CSP and their end user client communities matter equally to HyAlto. The company is working hard to ensure both are provided with the multi-cloud platform they need.