Alacrity Cleantech is knocking on the doors of a new era of Industrial Transformation

Alacrity Cleantech – Scaling Clean Technology in British Colombia

The Alacrity Cleantech Program has been supporting Western Canadian Clean technology companies since 2018. The program aims to grow Canadian cleantech companies to a global scale.

The vision of a worldwide Canadian cleantech future was at the forefront of this program. Within the scope of this program, the Alacrity Canada Cleantech team worked closely with the portfolio companies to help and support them in expanding into designated international markets. The markets chosen for the program were India, Mexico, Singapore and Northern Europe. Utilizing the global reach of the Alacrity network, Alacrity Canada recruited experts in these markets to explore the market opportunities while building a close relationship with local players.

Alacrity Canada has a proven demand-driven model that has been successfully applied in these markets, which helped companies to attract over $120M in investment and $50M in sales. Success comes from a model that supports entrepreneurial drive and supports the companies in every aspect of the business, from business model design and market customization to helping companies license, certify and find the right partners in the local markets.

Consistent representation of the companies in these markets brought many good results despite the three years of limited travel due to the global pandemic. The Alacrity Cleantech team showed remarkable resilience under these circumstances and delivered services to the portfolio companies in all designated markets. Over three hundred companies in BC and Western Canada identified with the program with over sixty of these companies being directly supported through out the program lifetime and contributing to Western Canada through employment, investment and global expansion.

Cleantech fundamentally touches every known industry to transform them to be more sustainable, environmentally friendly and resilient to climate change and reduce future economic risks while bringing economic prosperity. The increasing pressure on primary industries to be clean and sustainable opened new opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. According to Mckinsey’s Net Zero Transition report (January 2022), the investment required to transform industries until 2050 is over $275 trillion, with an annual spending requirement of around $9.2 trillion. The increasing regulative requirements by the governments are driving all industries to find creative solutions to long-term environmental and social problems. Consumers have an increasing environmental awareness about issues impacting vital resources, from water to air to soil, and they are pushing big industries to find solutions that require a new way of thinking and a strong innovation push. There will be a significant shift in energy production, transportation, construction businesses, and the food and agriculture industry.

Alacrity Cleantech is designing the new program around this new theme, where Canadian entrepreneurs will introduce/ launch and deploy this new wave of environmentally conscious products and services globally through a new program design. The Alacrity Cleantech Team will bring a wide variety of services to companies in industries fundamentally important for Western Canada. Within the scope of this program, the team will support energy, transportation, marine and ocean tech, agriculture, advanced manufacturing, and cleantech companies for their growth at a global scale with the experience from previous programs. It is a new and exciting chapter that will open the doors for many entrepreneurs and make them a part of a global supply chain for critical industrial players.