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Benbria Blooms this Spring in the Tripleseat Ecosystem

Benbria — Customer Experience and Engagement Solutions

Since 2019, Benbria has been a leading partner for Tripleseat, a software company that specializes in event management workflow and bookings. The integration allows Tripleseat customers to collect and analyze feedback at key moments of truth during the guest journey. With the ability to manage multiple brands and locations from one platform, this partnership has proven to be a mutually beneficial one. It provides Benbria a means to engage with event planners in a scalable manner and allows Tripleseat to provide innovative and integrated solutions to their customers to increase win rates and reduce churn — ultimately increasing revenues.

Tripleseat is a widely recognized leader in the event management space. They are the trusted event management software solution for over 16,000 venues and are responsible for booking over 10 million events, capturing over $15B in event leads. Tripleseat aims to help their customers book, track and manage leads through their event management platform. When combined with their partner program, they offer their customers a suite of solutions to improve their event management workflow.

Historically, Benbria has helped customers exclusively collect post-event feedback. Recently, Benbria expanded the offering to include the pre-sale, post-sale and pre-event touchpoints along with granular control by event type and status. Over the past three months, Benbria has seen a 60% increase in inbound Tripleseat leads when compared to the previous quarter. This expansion of offerings allows Benbria to be at the forefront of Tripleseats’ partners and remains the leading integrated solution to provide customers with the opportunity to automate event feedback.

The integration between the Loop Experience Platform and Tripleseat allows customers to automatically collect feedback based on touchpoint, event type and/or location, ensuring they can focus on other areas of the business, while still collecting valuable insights. Customers can collect and analyze valuable feedback and make data-driven changes to their business. This includes configurable dashboards, visualizations, reporting tools, and the ability to send notifications to key stakeholders.

In May, Benbria will attend EventCamp, Tripleseat’s annual conference designed to bring together end users and team members for a one-day event. Benbria is one of three key vendors who will be attending this year’s event with exclusive access to over 300 attendees.

With Benbria’s ongoing commitment to excellence within the Tripleseat ecosystem, there are still areas for expansion and improvement. These include two-way integration stories to automate action, data enrichment and booking support, to name a few. These upcoming improvements as well as other initiatives will continue to strengthen the relationship between Benbria and Tripleseat.