Benbria Continues to Enhance Software for 360-Degree Customer Engagement

The Loop Experience Platform from portfolio company Benbria combines a range of data capture kiosks with cloud-based software tools for collecting feedback from customers, analyzing that input during or post engagement, and interacting with those customers to facilitate the most compelling business interaction. The solution enables companies in the hospitality, QSR, retail and other industries to constantly assess and improve the products and services they offer in their brick-and-mortar locations. It helps maintain the most competitive customer journey possible, increase brand loyalty, reduce customer churn, improve internal operations and drive higher revenues.

As noted, a choice of data capture kiosks integrate elegantly into the aesthetics of the business at each of the customer touchpoints desired. The software platform is feature-rich, including real-time feedback collection, automatic omni-channel internal and customer messaging, and online as well as offline customer engagement tools. The combination dramatically improves the ability of the business to engage, influence and support their customers’ journey at all touch-points, including in the critical moment of purchase. Rapid action can be taken — online as well as offline — to respond to questions, resolve issues, gauge sentiment, or gather supporting survey or other information. Departments including marketing, sales, service and operations can leverage current, accurate reports and data to inform policies and improve processes — all with an end-goal of improving business performance.

This Quarter saw the Benbria team add new capabilities to the offerings the platform provides for service and support teams, enabling these key resources to better contribute to corporate metrics including higher customer satisfaction and minimum customer churn. The Loop-enabled customer support journey begins with a unique Unified Messaging Inbox integrated with the social media channels, messaging applications and texting services used by the business. Incoming inquiries are auto-routed to the correct support team or team member based on the topic entered.

Real-time sentiment analysis is applied to the engagement to help prioritize the inquiry. New ‘ticketing’ management features include issue root-cause analysis and resolution codes, along with templates for support personnel responses. Escalation features help ensure the right personnel are applied to fully address the inquiry.

Internally, management is provided with tools such as a real-time team performance dashboard. Employee-friendly scorecards and ‘gamification’ features combine to elevate service provided while also fostering positive team competition and morale. The Loop platform gives management a 360-degree view of the full customer experience based on data from key touchpoints, customer tickets, actions taken, staff workflow tracking and follow-on customer feedback.

Benbria Loop provides the foundation for engaging customer experiences that help businesses capture and keep more customers more profitably. As the platform continues to evolve, the addressable market continues to grow, and we look forward to the continued company growth that is sure to follow.