Benbria Customers Benefit from Launch of Declarative AI Features to Loop Inbox

Benbria — Customer Experience and Engagement Solutions

Benbria offers Loop® Inbox which supports many customers from different industry verticals including Education, Hospitality and Healthcare, all with one thing in common — customer communication. Enabling real-time messaging for these busy businesses, the Loop Inbox unifies different areas of a hotel, campus and facility with a shared business messaging solution. The Loop Inbox enables omni-channel messaging supporting traditional, digital and social channels. It also uses escalation and routing rules to effectively manage inbound customer messages.

Adding new automation functionalities to Loop continues to be a focus for the Benbria team. Whether it’s automating message response through Chatbots, complaint handling tools through automatic ticket creation from survey responses, escalations to specific team members, service level agreement (SLA) handling, Loop continues to make additions to the platform to increase workflow efficiencies for customers. That’s why the team got excited about the introduction of ChatGPT earlier this year. It provided an opportunity to add more features to the platform using AI assist.

In March 2023, Loop launched beta features declarative AI. Declarative AI is a revolutionary approach to AI development that enables developers to specify what they want an AI model to do, rather than trying to program it with a set of rules or algorithms. This allows for more flexibility and adaptability, as the AI model can learn and evolve over time, without the need for constant updates and maintenance.

This includes AI-Assisted summaries for conversations and tickets, as well as AI Writing Assist for message responses, for the Loop Inbox and Loop Tickets. Harnessing the powers of ChatGPT, Benbria was able to add additional automation through AI-assisted features to continue to remove workload on the end client.

Benbria’s decision to adopt declarative AI in Loop is a significant step forward in the field of customer engagement solutions. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Benbria can offer its customers a more efficient and effective way to manage customer interactions. With the help of AI-assisted features, workers can focus on solving customer problems, rather than spending hours sifting through conversations and tickets.

With these AI-assisted features, workers can save time and improve the overall quality of customer service, ultimately leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.