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Ai Spark — AI-Driven Credit Risk Analysis Solutions

In a time when everyone is talking about the virtues of artificial intelligence, Ai SPARK is delivering in a meaningful way. Their AI for predictive analytics transforms productivity by increasing accuracy, empowering individuals to make better decisions faster, while guiding teams on the path to build enduring workflows by leveraging the power of AI.

Expanding on their success in commercial real estate debt analytics, Ai SPARK is delivering the same transformative AI to the $1.5 trillion corporate loan market that spans over 10,000 loans backed by corporate debt. Their Transparent Autonomous Risk Algorithm (TARA™) will deliver vital change to a global industry that crosses North America and Europe, by placing AI in the hands of those who need it most — the custodians of our financial markets.

For the corporate loan industry, TARA™ monitors the markets and economy to identify hard-to-see changes in every loan, then continually reports how those movements impact risk to the loan and predict future losses. But that’s not all. With the integration of pricing data from S&P Market Intelligence and technology from Intex Solutions, TARA™ is hands down the fastest way to determine relative value within a portfolio.

Although TARA™ is ready-to-use out of the box with industry-leading data, a firm can set up a proprietary environment where the AI is trained on their data — putting their own data to work and placing them in full control of a proven AI solution.

Ai SPARK released the beta product for corporate loans in December 2023, and immediately generated a $1M ARR pipeline that they are now ready to convert to sales. The team released the production-ready product at the Annual CLO Industry Conference in NYC, April 29-30, providing live demos and arranging trials. Please email mark.jackson@ai-spark for more information.