Celebrating a Milestone Quarter at Enjovia

Enjovia — Revolutionizing the gift voucher management sector

At Enjovia this quarter, we achieved a pivotal milestone by welcoming our 200th customer, spreading our reach across 35 countries and supporting transactions in over nine languages. After five years in operation, Enjovia proudly maintains a customer retention rate exceeding 97%. This enduring success highlights the deep trust and confidence that a wide range of businesses have in our voucher system to enhance their sales and customer engagement efforts.

We are thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of Enjovia 3.0, the latest evolution of our platform, which promises to revolutionize the way our clients manage and sell vouchers. Enjovia 3.0 introduces an array of powerful features, including an open API that paves the way for seamless integration with third-party booking systems and e-commerce websites. To see a demo, please contact us at contact@enjovia.com.

One of the cornerstone features of Enjovia 3.0 is its enhanced self-up capability. This allows for an intuitive, user-friendly experience where clients can autonomously manage and update their voucher offerings.

Furthermore, Enjovia 3.0 addresses the needs of businesses operating across multiple locations with its multi-store management feature. This functionality is designed to simplify the complexities associated with managing voucher sales and redemptions across various outlets or brands providing a unified view that ensures consistency and control.

We also fortified our financial foundations this quarter. Thanks to the continued support from our existing investors, including Wesley Clover, we successfully secured a £100k investment round. This capital infusion not only testifies to our past successes but also paves the way towards a brighter future, enabling us to innovate further, scale our operations, and continue providing exceptional service to our clients.

The festive period proved to be exceptionally rewarding, marking the biggest Christmas season we’ve had so far. We’re proud to report that we earned £86k during the recent Christmas period, highlighting the effectiveness of our platform in capitalizing on the peak holiday season.

The milestones achieved this quarter are not just ours but a shared success with our customers, investors, and the dedicated team at Enjovia.