Climate Tech Startup Embeds Climate Action Into Company Culture

CARBON NEUTRAL CLUB — Empowering companies to meet their climate targets

On the heels of its $1.4M seed investment, Carbon Neutral Club is seeing heavy demand for its employee engagement platform. Over the past year, the company has become a leading force in bringing in a new era of climate action strategy and rapidly expanding its client base to include hundreds of companies globally. Their clients span multi-nationals like Capital One and Kraft Heinz, to fast-growing startups like Manifest Climate and Patch.

Having witnessed a growing number of companies set climate targets only to fall short of their goals, the founders of Carbon Neutral Club have identified the root cause.

“Over one-third of companies that fail to meet their climate targets attribute these failures to a lack of organizational culture necessary to effectively implement their climate plans,” shared Co-Founder, Jack Bruner. “For Net Zero efforts to be successful, organizations need an engaged workforce that is compelled and incentivized to execute on the long-term plan.

After all, if employees aren’t supported to drive sustainable behaviour changes in the workplace, how can we expect organizations to meet their emissions reduction targets?”

Carbon Neutral Club’s platform gives individuals the tools and incentives to play an active role in their organization’s climate efforts, something 80% of employees are desperately waiting for. Employees begin by calculating their personal & scope 3 work emissions footprints, and identifying their roles and function within the organization.

Based on these inputs and their company’s drawdown objectives, Carbon Neutral Club’s platform offers each employee a personalized action plan of education, tips, and climate challenges that will empower them to make more sustainable decisions. As they progress along their individual journeys, employees earn CNC Points which can be used to buy gift cards with their +150 Sustainable Brand Partners, plant trees, buy vacation days, and much more.

More than 70% of employees consider a company’s climate track record before accepting a job. Having recognized this trend, Carbon Neutral Club has identified a new market it calls “climate culture”.

“Carbon Neutral Club has helped our employees understand their emissions and has supported better choices,” says Laura Zizzo, CEO of Manifest Climate. “It’s a meaningful part of Manifest Climate’s team-building package, supporting more knowledge and sustainability across the organization.”

Carbon Neutral Club has helped its clients reduce or remove +20,000 tonnes of GHG emissions from their footprints. 90% of employees taking part in CNC report feeling better equipped to meet climate targets because of it.

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Carbon Neutral Club is shepherding in a new era that embeds climate action into company culture.