CounterPath Helping Evermore Enterprise and SMB Clients Leverage the Cloud for Unified Communications

Cloud infrastructure provides an almost limitless, flexible, fast computing, storage and management fabric for business services today, including communications. Cloud-based applications such as those from CounterPath enable enterprise and small business (SMB) users to connect, communicate and collaborate, anywhere, anytime, on any device and on any PBX. And they do so using less hardware and with fewer operational expenses.

CounterPath calls these solutions Unified Communications and Collaboration-as-aService (UCCaaS). They are designed to allow customers to continue leveraging their existing PBX or VoIP infrastructure. CounterPath software is hosted in the cloud, and it establishes secure signaling with on-premises equipment, augmenting existing communications services with new messaging, presence, video conferencing and other features.

CounterPath solutions allow users to customize their communication tools, to suit to the needs of most environments. This includes businesses and contact centers across the retail, warehouse, hospitality, healthcare and other markets. The CounterPath productsuite includes:

  • Bria Enterprise: For mixed-location environments, call centers, mobile workers and organizations that are increasingly embracing cloud communications.
  • Bria Teams: For streamlining team communications and providing administrators with quick and easy user management through a web portal and convenient dashboard.
  • Bria Teams Pro: Provides all the features of Bria Teams and adds full collaboration functions.

The latest Quarter was an active one at CounterPath. The following are some of the key highlights:

  • Partnered with Honeywell to create Smart Talk, a Honeywell-branded all-in-one communications application that enables workers in environments such as retail stores, distribution centers, hospitals, factories, even vehicles, to use their ruggedized Honeywell or other mobile devices for voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, push-to-talk conversations, instant messaging, video calling and more.
  • Partnered with Vodafone Fiji to provide Bria mobile applications and Stretto™ Platform services to 700,000 consumers across the Fijian and neighbouring islands on a five-year subscription program.
  • Introduced Bria Solo, a new softphone available under a subscription model, that includes a reduced-feature, free variant to compete with market alternatives and motivate broader adoption.

CounterPath is maintaining a sales focus on growing recurring revenues. The introduction of Bria Solo for individual softphone users is the start of a customer journey in which the company will use marketing programs to convert users from a free to a paid relationship, better monetizing the large installed base of current customers and adding new prospects at the same time. The small and medium-sized enterprise market is underserved in terms of compelling UC software solutions, and CounterPath is moving fast to seize as much of that opportunity as possible.

We will report further on this strategy in future issues.