Digital Innovation at the Heart of Business Performance

WCS Europe facilitates digital innovation in companies. Our products and services offer innovative and complementary solutions adapted to the main challenges of digital transformation: business process optimization, mobility and teleworking, customer relationship and experience, data governance and enhancement, information system security and agility, and network and telecom infrastructures.

New applications are emerging every day, impacting consumer behavior and expectations, and businesses are faced with a constantly evolving ecosystem. In response, WCS Europe has made it their mission to offer their customers complementary cloud applications to enable them to meet these new consumer expectations. How do we achieve this? By being at the very heart of an innovative technological Wesley Clover International ecosystem, conducting our ongoing technological and marketing monitoring which allows us to constantly enrich our solutions developing our expertise in the Salesforce CRM platform.

Why did we make CRM one of our strategic development pillars? Customers are at the very center of every organization, and when their behavior evolves, companies must also evolve. However, there is no single solution on the market capable of providing a 360° view of the customer journey.

This is where the WCS Europe team provides value, having developed expertise in the integration of third-party solutions and business applications into the Salesforce CRM platform. We also develop tailor-made middleware and application modules. Our engineers hold numerous certifications, and we constantly invest in the training of our technical team to maintain and develop their know-how and expertise. All of this has enabled us to achieve numerous successes, particularly with network and telecoms operators and integrators.

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Customer Testimonials

“We now have a tool that fully participates in the development of ARA Télécom by providing us with significant productivity gains as well as better visibility of our performance indicators. Throughout this project, we particularly appreciated the availability of the WCS Europe teams and their perfect knowledge of the telecom carrier industry.”

— Charles Tempé
Associate Founder, ARA Télécom

“Choose a product, but also choose an integrator to receive advice and support in implementing the solution.”

— Grégory Moire
Co-founder, Syleg

“Thanks to the CounterPath solution we now have a solid platform. The power of the tools available allows WCS Europe to provide us with efficient, real-time support. We are no longer alone, and this is also felt by our customers.”

— Patrick Gentemann
President, Ubefone

“Our technicians use the WCS Field Service maintenance solution to carry out their security missions. Thanks to this solution, we have performance indicators, and we provide personalized dashboards to each of our clients.”

— Olivier Fortun
Leader, Bédier