Embracing The Emerging Digital Experience Monitoring Market

In a year like no other, Martello continued to provide IT teams and service providers including the extensive Mitel partner network with advanced network monitoring and troubleshooting solutions, including unified communications (UCaaS) performance analytics and IT service analytics. The sudden need for these tools to support an increasingly distributed workforce in need of reliable digital applications and connectivity elevated the company value proposition and growth path further.

In shifting to a work-from-home model, user dependence on cloud applications skyrocketed — particularly on Microsoft 365 (formerly “Office 365”) and the Teams video conferencing application. For Martello, this made the full integration of GSX Participations SA (“GSX”), the Microsoft Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) partner acquired earlier in 2020, the top priority. And as the year ended, the company was able to add more than 450,000 new Microsoft users to its DEM platform, pushing the total user count to more than 2 million.

Entering 2021, a focus on the DEM market is now entrenched in the company. Valuable new features are being added to the platform, including individual user experience monitoring and end-to-end network visualization, which will help IT teams quickly identify whether service disruptions are related to the cloud provider, the ISP or the corporate network. The relationship with Microsoft is being developed further, and the global Partner Network is being expanded.

Martello is launching a DEM Partner Program this year to drive new opportunities. The program will leverage experience with one of the largest Microsoft Managed Service Providers (MSPs) in the world.

Rapid Circle, a Dutch IT Services company based in Amsterdam, is a Microsoft Gold Partner as well as a Martello Partner. From a field of 3300 firms, Microsoft named Rapid Circle the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft ranked Rapid Circle as “one of the most important partners for their ability to support customers transitioning to cloud technologies such as Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics and Power Platform”. Rapid Circle uses the Martello DEM platform as a key toolset as they grow these services, counting on it to “recognize and measure improvements in many aspects of Microsoft 365 performance”.

And recognizing the importance of DEM in the growing shift from on premises to cloud hosted unified communications services, Martello also continues to nurture its longstanding relationship with Mitel. All part of leading the way in DEM and ensuring IT teams can support an evolving digital workforce. martellotech.com