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WCS India, a Wesley Clover International Affiliate, was incorporated in India in 2007 as an “India Market Entry” vehicle for western technology companies. Through the “Unlock India” program, WCS India partnered with companies of different sizes, ranging from just five to 100+ employees, and was instrumental in supporting these technology companies in entering the Indian market to take advantage of the fastest growing economy in the world. Collaborating with WCS India helped these companies gain market share and a global presence.

While partnering with western technology companies as part of the “Unlock India” program, WCS India saw the great potential to build a Software Engineering team in India to take advantage of the large number of highly skilled English-speaking talent. Companies in the west look for reliable partners when it comes to helping with technological solutions. They look for companies that will work with their processes, technologies, tools, and time frames. Companies look for a team onshore or offshore for Software Development, Software Testing, DevOps, etc.

Another case in point is SaaS companies, both locally and globally, with high growth trajectories. As the barriers to adoption are low, they are acquiring customers like never before. This presents its own set of challenges, such as: How to retain these customers? How to lower the customer churn rate? How to convert non-paying into paying customers? Timely delivered and process-driven customer support services are essential to succeed in ensuring retention and an increase of paying customers. But how do you deliver SLA-driven support to each customer? More so, how do you deliver timely support to your faster-than-ever growing global customer base in their time zone?

That’s where WCS India comes into play with their “Employee Global” model. It is different from the offshore outsourcing model. The relationship between WCS India and tech companies is more of a partnership rather than a customer vs vendor relationship. WCS India builds teams in India as an extension of their customers’ native teams and reports directly to their clients’ functional managers. Clients have a say in choosing a team to ensure that tools, metrics, processes, KPIs, etc. are consistent and WCS India takes care of all offshore complexities like recruiting and onboarding, employee well-being, infrastructure, local laws, etc.

WCS India offers several functions under their “Employee Global” model:

  1. Product Software Engineering
  2. Software Quality Assurance
  3. Mobile QA/Testing Services
  4. DevOps Engineering
  5. Customer Success
  6. Technical Support Services

To learn more, visit india.wcs.global.

Customer Testimonials

“Elentra and WCS India have enjoyed a collaborative partnership for more than two years. Throughout this time, WCS India has played an essential part in facilitating the augmentation of our product development and customer success teams. Even in the face of a volatile job market, WCS India has consistently demonstrated their exceptional capacity to procure and retain the best talent who integrate seamlessly into our teams.”

— Anthony Roggeveen

“We went to India to augment our professional support function, and to leverage the time zones to provide 24X7 support to our customers. WCS India was able to quickly assemble a highly talented team of support professionals. Since the team went live, they have filled an important business need. I appreciate the professionalism with which WCS India conducts business. Their excellent infrastructure and willingness to go the extra mile has impressed me.”

— Stuart Robinson