Hut Six Expands Their Security Awareness Platform with A Fully Customizable Phishing Attack Editor

HUT SIX — Leading specialist in the cyber awareness market

Hut Six, a leading specialist in the cyber awareness market, has recently released their phishing editor. This brings their signature customization capabilities within their training to their simulated phishing, enabling clients to tailor each stage of the simulations and make small tweaks that make a big difference to the effectiveness of the campaigns.

“Our new phishing editor brings clients more levers to pull when testing their employees for phishing susceptibility. The most important thing for our clients is to reduce risk measurably against current and live threats. This editor enables them to mimic the latest and most effective attacks out there” says Simon Fraser, CEO of Hut Six.

People are still the most prevalent part of security breaches with the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report showing that 74% of breaches involve some form of Human Element. This coupled with the rise in spear-phishing and ransomware attacks makes it more important than ever that you can identify who are the high-priority and likely targets within your own organisation and train them properly against the most probable vectors.

Since 2017, Hut Six has been delivering successful security awareness campaigns consisting of training on security best practice and policies as well as simulated phishing campaigns designed for their client base. These campaigns are targeted at changing behaviours and making the most secure choice habitual — in one case Hut Six were able to see an 82% reduction in completed attacks across two campaigns at the Office for National Statistics in the UK. This real reduction in risk for clients is why security awareness training and phishing simulations are so important.

Hut Six is a leading provider of security awareness training and phishing simulations. Their mission is to empower individuals to make the correct cyber choices and protect themselves and their organisations from cyber threats.

With an innovative software-as-a-service platform, Hut Six delivers bite-sized, customizable training and now offers fully customizable phishing exercises to match.