HyAlto Is Helping Clients Increase Competitiveness as the Market Transforms to the Digital Enterprise

“Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who saw strong revenue growth in the first half of 2021 are setting high expectations for the rest of the year amid continuing demand for cloud and security services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.” This is the lead from a recent story by IT channel industry publication CRN, and the picture it paints is equally strong for portfolio company HyAlto as they continue to equip MSPs and CSPs (Cloud Service Providers) to prosper in the new multi-cloud IT world.

Service Providers today require a platform that supports effective multi-cloud monetization in public, private and hybrid cloud environments. This is because evermore enterprise customers, regardless of size, want the flexibility to shop, compare and select the mix of cloud services that best fit their own needs and budgets. The market has very much entered an age of “Bring Your Own Cloud.”

However, inherent in this new and flexible model are scalability, efficiency and security challenges for any MSP or CSP who does not automate older, manual workflows. Throughout the pandemic, HyAlto has heard from prospective clients that they felt an increasing need to make their businesses more agile and drive efficiency through automation. They worried about falling into a competitive disadvantage otherwise, unable to efficiently deliver and manage the multicloud experience their customers are now expecting.

The challenges they described begin with workflow logistics to provide accurate, real-time usage monitoring, and help the end customer avoid cloud sprawl and costs overruns. It should be straightforward for the service provider to ensure they produce the right granular data to bill properly each month, but in a multi-cloud environment it is not. From there, the complexities include the need to manage licensing, security, administration rights and access controls just as easily. Next comes the need to ensure all audit and compliance requirements are met. Again, in a multi-cloud environment, these are far from trivial tasks, but they are expected today.

Long before the pandemic, HyAlto was building on its VMware pedigree to add support for the growing number of cloud technology partners and providers. The company goal has always been to offer a platform that serves as a single point of management for both the MSP and their enterprise customers in multi-cloud environments. As you might imagine, the last 18 months of IT disruption has fueled the demand for this platform considerably, and the fire is not going out any time soon. hyalto.com