Hyalto Strengthens Its Foundations In Synch With Strong Market Outlook

The impacts of the pandemic on enterprises everywhere have meant opportunity for many of the Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who support these businesses, and who constitute the HyAlto target market and customer base. But those opportunities did not materialize as quickly as the pandemic itself did. Through the middle of 2020, like so many companies, much of the HyAlto business development efforts stalled.

However the company did not. In response, they created new website content to better tell their compelling story and articulate the value they deliver. They researched marketing partnerships with key trade media, and evaluated what kind of industry expertise should be added to the team. And importantly, they developed a focus on the mental and physical health of the employees to keep them positive and motivated during such challenging times.

The effects of these programs began to pay returns as the MSPs themselves got back in their game and started seizing the opportunities noted above. Over the last Quarter, HyAlto achieved their strongest monthly growth rate to date. And they drove a 30 percent increase in client usage of the platform from Q3 to Q4.

Over the last Quarter, HyAlto achieved their strongest monthly growth rate to date. And they drove a 30 percent increase in client usage of the platform from Q3 to Q4.

Entering 2021, the company also added an experienced executive with deep Cloud and MSP industry knowledge to the management team as Chief Strategy Officer. The first hand experiences and global client/partner network this individual brings to the company will prove extremely valuable.

So the team got stronger as the market did as well. Despite the pandemic, the adoption of cloud technologies globally continues to accelerate — perhaps even more so because of it. And key for HyAlto and the MSPs they serve, the adoption of hybrid and multi cloud environments as well as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) business models are instrumental in that acceleration.

To that point, in June 2020, LogicMonitor reported that 87 per cent of enterprises expected to accelerate cloud migration as part of a postCOVID recovery. Further, the amount of enterprise workloads being executed in a public cloud versus a private cloud environment will continue to be split almost evenly through 2025. And in August, IDC reported that enterprises previously talked about cloud migration journeys of up to ten years in duration. They now speak in terms of completing such shifts in less than half the time. They added that the economic uncertainty of today has drawn fresh attention to the core benefits of IaaS — relatively small financial commitment, the flexibility to support business agility, and operational resilience as a result. Cost optimization and business resilience have emerged as top drivers of IT investment decisions, and IaaS offerings are designed to enable both.

All these developments validate the HyAlto strategy to deliver the multi cloud automation tools and the streamlined client engagement model that enable cloud MSPs to modernize their front and back office operations and take advantage of a growth market. The pandemic is not over, but there is a return to stronger business activity. HyAlto made some key adjustments during the peak impact, and is emerging even more focused on what their MSP customers need to chart mutually beneficial growth paths. hyalto.com