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HYAS Infosec Excels in Q1 2024: A Synopsis of Achievements

HYAS Infosec — Leader in cybersecurity solutions

HYAS Infosec, the leading adversary infrastructure platform provider renowned for its unmatched visibility, protection, and security against diverse malware and cyber threats, has marked significant milestones in the first quarter of 2024. HYAS’ achievements in Q1 2024 underscore our commitment to advancing cybersecurity through innovative solutions and thought leadership. Here is a summary of notable accomplishments:

  1. Launch of Free HYAS Insight Intel Feed: HYAS introduced the free HYAS Insight Intel Feed, an extension of its award-winning threat intelligence solution, HYAS Insight. This offering aims to empower organizations globally with proactive cybersecurity insights. Leveraging data from various authoritative sources, including exclusive and commercial datasets, this intelligence feed enables security teams to detect, mitigate, and defend against cyber threats effectively.
  2. Expansion of the HYAS ONPOINT Program: HYAS is empowering MSPs, MSSPs, and channel partners to offer HYAS Protect, the top protective DNS solution, and leverage HYAS Insight proactive threat intelligence platform. Partners opting into the HYAS Protect + Insight Program will deliver a cybersecurity solution that sets them apart, without price cuts or sacrificing margins, elevating their service offerings, increasing client retention, and gives sales teams a highly differentiated solution to offer to clients and prospects.
  3. Recognition at Security Today’s GOVIES Government Security Awards: HYAS received three prestigious awards in the GOVIES Cyber Defense Solutions and Monitoring Solutions categories that serve the government sector. HYAS Insight threat intelligence and investigation platform garnered top honors for providing unprecedented visibility and proactive intelligence on attacks, including real-time alerts on emerging threats. Additionally, HYAS Protect protective DNS was recognized for its proactive security capabilities, ensuring high-speed protection against evolving threats.
  4. Gold and Silver Wins at the Globee Cybersecurity Awards: HYAS clinched multiple Gold Globee Awards, including Advanced Threat Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity Research, and Fraud Protection and Prevention. Moreover, HYAS secured Silver Globee Awards in the Threat Intelligence and Cybersecurity Thought Leadership categories. These accolades acknowledge HYAS’ innovative solutions that offer proactive threat intelligence and robust protection against cyber threats.
  5. Contributions to Cybersecurity Thought Leadership: Through the HYAS Adversary Infrastructure Platform’s patented techniques, organizations gain real-time insights into adversary infrastructure changes, enabling proactive defense measures. HYAS’ groundbreaking research on AI-based threats, including BlackMamba and EyeSpy, underscores its commitment to driving product efficacy against evolving cyber threats to ensure true cyber resiliency for organizations.