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Haelu connects the dots for more sustainable care. Their integrated care platform has been co-developed with a leading National Health Service (NHS) health board, in Great Britain, and promises to revolutionize how care is delivered, helping providers do more with less.

Haelu’s technology aligns with international strategies to bring the front door of care closer to individuals (such as in their own homes). More specifically, in the UK healthcare providers are investing in integrated and remote ways of working. The rise of virtual wards (mandated now in NHS strategy) is evidence of this. Haelu’s platform aligns with these priorities and has been built and tested in collaboration with the NHS to ensure validity. It is comprised of:

  • Care Visit mobile app, that guides non-clinical carers through their routine visits, providing guardrails for a personalized and safe visit while also collecting insights and baseline data that can be used in clinical decision making.
  • Clinical Dashboard, where the information from the app is reviewed by management teams, clinicians, and decision makers, giving them the ability to assess the needs of individuals and entire cohorts at-a-glance, enabling more data-driven decisions around interventions, discharges and resource allocation that can save money and lives.

Essentially, Haelu clinically enables existing resources (carers) that are being underutilized by healthcare, allowing organizations to reach more patients and deliver enhanced, more responsive care that ensures every contact counts. This delivers an immediate and long-lasting impact, paving the way for first-of-their-kind AI insights that will be generated from the untapped data Haelu collects.

Together with their partner health board, Haelu modelled three key metrics that are transferrable across any target service using the platform. For just 50 concurrent patients, it is forecast:

  • Outcome 1 – Identifying patient needs: 8% capacity increase, 1,529 bed days released, £596k returned to secondary care
  • Outcome 2 – Right care first time: 3,632 clinical hours returned, £144k returned to secondary care
  • Outcome 3 – Actionable insights: 5 preventable admissions avoided, 38 bed days released, £14k returned to secondary care

Overall, just these three metrics return an ROI of 690% in the first year of deployment and as such, Haelu has received a Letter of Intent from their first client and are finalizing procurement in preparation to launch next year. Learn more.