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L-Spark Continues to Celebrate Their Decade of Disruption

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2024 marks the 10th cohort of the L-SPARK SaaS, as well as the 10-year anniversary of L-SPARK. If Q1 is any indication of what’s to come, there will no doubt be continued celebrations and reminiscing as the year unfolds.

The first quarter in 2024 brought with it a few key milestone events to celebrate this 10th cohort, including Toronto Investor Day on March 5th, which welcomed 30 Investors, 12 companies, and 70+ guests in attendance to network and connect. The pitching companies were made up of the seven current cohort companies, as well as five alumni from previous graduating cohorts. The event is round-robin style with four different rooms of investors, meaning founders needed to keep their energy up to pitch back-to-back four times — not an easy feat but this cohort delivered! The evening followed up with networking and drinks with the Canadian tech ecosystem, which is always the cherry on top of an incredibly high-value day.

The celebration continued for the 10th cohort on April 11th, as they graduated from the program with L-SPARK’s Annual SAAS Showcase. It was a night to remember, as the companies took the stage to pitch, and the team looked back on the decade that was and geared up for the decade ahead.

Congratulations to the graduating companies of L-SPARK’s 10th Cohort:

A hands-free time-tracking tool built for the construction industry, to save time and money so they can focus on the project at hand.

An AI digital asset management tool to make decentralized finance safer and more accessible.

Mutuo Health Solutions
An AI-powered digital assistant to transcribe clinician-patient dialogues and provide medical notes automatically, to save clinicians precious time so they can focus on what matters most.

A cohesive platform where AI meets property management, streamlining support, FSM, and marketplace into one platform to enhance the property management journey.

An AI-IoT solution for real-time predictive maintenance, preventing unplanned downtime and reducing maintenance costs for large manu­facturing companies and small businesses alike.

An integration platform that streamlines work processes by automating information flow across organizations, boosting productivity with workflows built from decades of experience.

A platform that automates risk management using NFC and smartphones, saving time, and money, and ensuring compliance and safety.