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L-SPARK kicks off 10th cohort and celebrates a decade of disruption

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The L-SPARK team has been hard at work recruiting for the 10th cohort of their SaaS Accelerator, and September marked the selection and celebration of these companies. This cohort celebrates the diverse ecosystem of startups in Canada with industries ranging from fintech and medtech to construction and property management.

This cohort is made up of seven companies that demonstrate the innovation, determination, and resilience needed to scale and succeed, and the L-SPARK team is ready to help them get there.

This cohort also represents L-SPARK’s milestone moment and the decade of disruption they have driven since 2014. There are so many companies that have been a part of their 10-year journey, and 2024 will see plenty of celebration for this cohort and all those who have come before it.
Say hello to the milestone cohort:


A hands-free time-tracking tool built for the construction industry, to save time and money so they can focus on the project at hand.


An AI digital asset management tool to make decentralized finance safer and more accessible.

Mutuo Health Solutions

An AI-powered digital assistant to transcribe clinician-patient dialogues and provide medical notes, automatically, to save clinicians precious time so they can focus on what matters most.


A cohesive platform where AI meets property management, streamlining support, FSM, and marketplace into one platform to enhance the property management journey.


An AI-IoT solution for real-time predictive maintenance, preventing unplanned downtime and reducing maintenance costs for large manufacturing companies and small businesses alike.


An integration platform that streamlines work processes by automating information flow across organizations, boosting productivity with workflows built from decades of experience.


A platform that automates risk management using NFC and smartphones, saving time and money, and ensuring compliance and safety.
Visit l-spark.com/blog to learn more about the founders behind this latest cohort and stay tuned as L-SPARK looks toward 2024 and celebrates these companies along with their 10-year milestone at their annual SaaS Showcase, date and location to be announced.