Latest Martello Acquisition Seizes Market Opportunity Amplified by Work-from-home Trend

The shift to remote work over the past months has meant that ensuring a high-quality, highly reliable  user  experience  from  extended  corporate  infrastructure and applications has become more critical than ever. And for many businesses, these demands are not expected to be temporary — they will continue in a post-pandemic world. As such, Martello has been actively solidifying their enterprise digital experience monitoring (DEM) solutions to keep pace with the changes.

One key area is in support of the global growth Microsoft continues to experience in the use of their Office 365 cloud platform and Teams applications. Corporations the world over continue to embrace this set of tools as the means to leverage voice, video and real-time collaboration services in office and remote work environments. Microsoft reports that the use of Teams has already increased 70% this year, and the community of active monthly Office 365 users has grown to approximately 200 million.

Recently, however, research firm Gartner identified that most existing system- performance monitoring tools do not cover the breadth and depth of functionalities available in the Office 365 suite. The visibility and control required  by  Infrastructure and Operations (I&O) teams to ensure an optimum user experience, particularly for staff working remotely, are limited. This causes Gartner to forecast that by 2024, 50% of enterprises that use Office 365 will also adopt a dedicated third-party solution to monitor and maintain the application availability and performance provided to all their employees.

This adoption rate represents a significant increase from the sub-10% figure forecast for 2020. And it represents a significant opportunity for Martello to extend their DEM capabilities into a new and fast-growing market. As a result, the company recently completed the acquisition of GSX, a leading provider of end-user experience monitoring capabilities for Office 365 environments.

The addition of the GSX team and product suite broadens the DEM value Martello can offer to all its customers. It also provides an immediate increase in monthly recurring revenues and a deeper sales reach for the full portfolio  into  Europe.  Martello  and  GSX are now working to strengthen their combined engagement under the Microsoft Co-Sell Program, which will enable the full Martello DEM portfolio to be offered through Microsoft to their network of 75 million marketplace buyers.

As companies adjust  to  compete  at  their best in whatever the ‘new normal’ business environment looks like, real-time communications will continue to be mission-critical. Cloud collaboration and productivity applications and services, from voice calls to video conferencing, are here to stay, and will need to deliver constant, reliable performance. Martello continues to extend the solutions they offer to meet these needs, providing customers with the DEM tools to ensure ongoing service quality across their full network.