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Latest Solace Event Portal Release Helps Organizations Treat Their ‘Kafkatosis’

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The third quarter of calendar year 2023 saw Solace release a major new version of its innovative event portal management solution designed to help organizations with Apache Kafka deployments gain better visibility into, and control over, their Kafka event streams, brokers and associated assets.

Many organizations rely on Apache Kafka as their event streaming platform, and often must use a variety of tools for software development, lifecycle management, governance, and monitoring/observability, resulting in a large gap between the event-driven architecture components that actually exist and what is accurately and visibly known. This makes it difficult for developers and architects to collaborate on the design, deployment, and operation of their Kafka applications, and for administrators to ensure security, governance, and compliance with internal policies and government regulations.

Solace Event Portal for Apache Kafka addresses these challenges, offering application development teams a complete set of functionalities to help them better understand, visualize, discover and re-use their Kafka assets.

Got Kafkatosis?

Where better to unveil the latest solution than at Current 2023, the pinnacle Apache Kafka and real-time streaming conference!

Held in San Jose, CA on September 26-27, Solace sent a team of “physicians” to help conference delegates diagnose the early warning signs of Kafkatosis, a potentially serious systemic condition that causes an enterprise’s Kafka estate to become increasingly difficult to control and scale over time. By the end of the conference, hundreds of delegates walked away feeling more relieved knowing there is a treatment.