Martello Incorporates AI to Continue Growth

As with all waves of new technology, we should keep in mind that they do not nec­essarily replace the need for a human touch. Case in point — technology from Ottawa-based Martello incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. But rather than eliminate resources, the features complement human expertise and extend the reach of IT staff.

As IT workloads grow and budgets are strained, at the same time as user expecta­tions for reliable application and network performance increase, the Martello network monitoring and analytics tools become invaluable assistants to help IT teams keep pace. They provide an extra layer of under­standing about data patterns and potential performance problems, reducing the time, cost and human resources needed to make sense of what is occurring on client networks.

Organizations with hybrid cloud IT environ­ments are an example of where such tools bring real value by extending the reach of staff. During recent months, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) in the Netherlands turned to Martello to help deliver reliable service quality in a hybrid cloud environment that mixes public and private components. Using Martello iQ IT visualization software, LUMC has integrated several IT monitoring and management tools into one dashboard, creating a consolidated view of all relevant performance data across their hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Martello was also busy over the last Quarter developing additional strategic partnerships and channels to market. For example, Suria Business Solutions in Malaysia added the Martello suite to its growing portfolio of technology solutions. IT monitoring leader Paessler PRTG also signed on as a partner in order to meet their growing demand from large enterprises and MSPs for IT service assurance solutions. These and other devel­opments enabled the company to announce results for the 2019 fiscal year that included more than 100% growth in year-over-year revenue, as well as 99% increase in Q4-19 revenues from a year earlier.

The corporate strategies and hard team­work continue to move things in the right direction.