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First quarter results show that thinkRF is on a healthy growth trajectory. thinkRF is meeting targets on several fronts and paving a way to triple 2023 revenue. This is thanks to the cloud-based autonomous and continuous network intelligence and monitoring platform, SXM, which is gaining traction in global markets.

Spectrum license auditing is crucial for government regulators to ensure that mobile network operators (MNOs) fulfill their spectrum license obligations. Prior to SXM, it was not economically feasible for government regulators to audit MNOs’ utilization of their spectrum licenses anywhere, anytime. Following a successful pilot deployment with a North American regulator, thinkRF is in the final stages of securing a significant nationwide deployment deal for SXM, with contract signing expected in April.

Additionally, thinkRF is finalizing another pilot program with a South American regulator, highlighting the global importance of spectrum license auditing as well as thinkRF mastery to secure that need.

With the evolution of standalone (SA) 5G networks, private network deployments are exponentially growing, where shared spectrum monitoring is essential to maintaining network reliability and ensuring business continuity. thinkRF SXM is proving to be the best fit for this mission through its unique autonomous and continuous operation. This month, thinkRF secured Disney Parks as the first private network operator (PNO) to sign up for a pilot program, ensuring their network operates smoothly 24/7. Furthermore, thinkRF has initiated a pilot project with Bell Mobility, one of the top three MNOs in Canada, to detect and analyze cross-border interference further improving their reach and quality of service. Another noteworthy achievement for thinkRF is the recent deal with the government of Egypt for the deployment of 100 spectrum analysis platforms. These successes underscore the effectiveness of thinkRF’s sales funnel strategy.

Central to thinkRF’s success is their continuous product evolution. The GA Release of the SXM Dashboard represents a significant milestone, providing operators with advanced analytics and insights to optimize their wireless services. The dashboard transforms complex data into meaningful charts and graphs, enhancing wireless service awareness for operators and regulators alike. A major update to the SXM Signal Analysis Application was released this quarter, remarkably improving 3GPP signal analysis, enhancing accuracy, introducing new features, and boosting reliability and processing speed.

At the core of SXM lies thinkRF’s Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA). This quarter, thinkRF successfully introduced the R6000, the next-generation RTSA tailored for cost-effective RF monitoring. The R6000 delivers significant enhancements in spectrum analysis performance and portability, being nearly half the size of its predecessor while offering improved RF and digital performance. Furthermore, a firmware upgrade for the R5xx0 RTSA line has been rolled out, addressing a key sales opportunity by increasing data transfer rates to 500 Mb/s to support >20MHz continuous streaming. Furthermore, the launch of the S1000 Spectraware, a web-based Spectrum Analysis software application, replaces the existing S240 and provides seamless integration with thinkRF’s RTSA products, offering more spectrum analysis options for the SXM platform.

This quarter, thinkRF launched various marketing activities. Marketing efforts included well-crafted campaigns, email nurture initiatives, direct outreach, and robust social media and website strategies. Additionally, thinkRF partnered with the industry’s top three publications, facilitating new contacts and meetings, and reinforcing their industry presence.

In February 2024, thinkRF exhibited SXM at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona for the second year. MWC, the largest telecom event globally, provided valuable networking opportunities and increased visibility to a targeted audience. The event was instrumental in lead generation, brand building, and recognition. It also offered valuable product feedback, competitive insights into industry trends and the potential for immediate sales and long-term customer relationships.

We always set up one SXM node and collect real-time data at the tradeshows that we exhibit at and look for interesting insights. During MWC24, SXM detected a rogue base station that was operating right on top of Vodafone’s 5G network, and we produced a video about it!

In other news, RCR Wireless interviewed Jonathan Morris at our booth. He had the opportunity to share our perspective on network intelligence and analytics. Click here to watch the video.


We are revolutionizing network analytics and spectrum intelligence. We provide an autonomous, continuous IoT cloud centric approach to network monitoring and intelligence, delivering a richer characterization of spectrum usage at a fraction of the cost. Our platform, Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) provides real-time and autonomous spectrum intelligence and monitoring. SXM continuously characterizes network usage in an area, uploading data to the cloud where it’s aggregated across the SXM network. From this aggregated data, we derive valuable insights, empowering clients and subscribers to optimize billions of dollars in annual spending on spectrum acquisition and network planning.