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New Martello Report Highlights Impacts on User Experience and Productivity

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In today’s hybrid workforce, the lines between office and home are increasingly blurred, so seamless communication, no matter the location, is more vital than ever. For many, Microsoft Teams is the go-to platform for calls, meetings, and collaboration — and users have come to expect reliable connectivity and experience.

A recently released report from Martello sheds new light on performance issues that impact the Microsoft Teams user experience in enterprises around the world, revealing unseen productivity leakage that costs businesses more than half a million dollars each year. Martello’s Vantage DX software is the Microsoft-recommended platform for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 user experience and performance monitoring.

Hidden Productivity Leakage

For those users who do experience problems with Teams, only 16% of them report the problems to IT. The Global Microsoft Teams Performance Trends and Business Impact report brings to light the unseen productivity leakages caused by these under-reported issues, which are caused by problems such as WiFi strength, bandwidth and network switching concerns. In a 5,000-employee business, there are more than 40,000 failed or poor Teams calls annually, costing more than $500,000 in lost employee productivity and IT troubleshooting time.

Using insights collected from Vantage DX monitoring data, the report details the scope and impact of Teams user experience issues, providing information on its causes and pointing to potential remediation paths, helping IT to have a more strategic impact on the business by stemming productivity losses.

Vantage DX Innovation Makes IT More Proactive

The report comes as Martello debuts new user experience correlation capabilities in Vantage DX. For the first time, IT groups can access user-reported experience information. Microsoft Teams users are periodically asked by Microsoft to provide a star rating of their experience following a call or meeting. Martello pulls this data into Vantage DX dashboards and correlates it with information on Microsoft Teams performance gathered by other monitoring capabilities in Vantage DX. This accelerates troubleshooting and proactively identifies the productivity leakages described in the Global Microsoft Teams Performance Trends and Business Impact report.

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