Now Could Be the Right Time to Advance to Integrated Live Web Communications

Portfolio company Talkative provides free software to healthcare businesses worldwide

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the lives of millions. Our most basic routines – daily commutes, working at the office and socializing with friends and family – are far removed from our present reality. However, businesses still need to interact with their clients and customers. In many cases, effective communications have become more critical than ever.

This is putting added pressures on contact centers of all sorts. Telephone-only contact centers are challenging for staff now working remotely. Call volumes are up dramatically, while wait times are increased as agents service one call at a time, over connections of inconsistent quality and without the regular teamwork processes to lean on.

Portfolio company Talkative has a solution, assisting businesses transition from legacy voice-centric contact centers to integrated voice-web interactivity. And there could be no better time than now. Talkative software enables contact centers to embed real-time voice and video communications services into their existing websites. Co-browsing features let agents join caller browsing sessions on request. They can then annotate screens, answer questions live, direct the web session to other pages, even share additional documents. An integrated live chat function allows agents to switch effortlessly from calls to chats to emails, enabling instant response and support.

The results? Talkative customers report a 70% reduction in chat abandonment rate, a 60% increase in inquiries, improved Customer Satisfaction Score ratings and cost savings as agents can service multiple requests concurrently.

A level of human interaction remains fundamental, particularly for healthcare organizations, which have seen a steep surge in demand since the onset of COVID-19. Recognizing the increased need for its cloud-based contact center solution, Talkative currently offers Talkative Base Pack free of charge to healthcare organizations for three months. Talkative integrated live web chat connects patients with a human agent rapidly. It allows data entry to be synchronized, web screens to be shared, questions to be answered in context, and ultimately, patients to be treated remotely in a quick, safe and cost-effective manner.

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing businesses worldwide to adapt and innovate. Embracing integrated live web communications now, in a cost-effective manner, is one of the best ways to respond to changing work environments and to meet client and consumer demand. With the ability to integrate with existing systems and a simple, easy setup, the cloud-based Talkative contact center solution can be up and running in less than 24 hours.

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