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Edge AI drives revenues and customer experience

A silent force powering Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation, edge AI refers to the deployment of AI algorithms and models directly on edge devices, such as gateways, smartphones, cameras, drones, or IoT devices. This allows for faster decision-making, autonomy, reduced latency, enhanced privacy, and security since data doesn’t need to leave the customer premises.

Two application areas of Edge AI that we are working on are for the retail and hospitality industries — as the below examples show — where Edge Signal clients deploy edge AI to optimize their operations. The results? Increased revenues, reduced costs, and improved customer experience.

Imagine a mystery shopper that provides real-time insights on whether the store’s entrance is clean and well maintained, signage is clearly visible and undamaged, products displayed correctly, etc. The Edge Signal Shop Suite application can also provide insights into employee behavior, if upsell options are offered, transaction length, queue metrics, and more. In retail, seamless operations with always-on audits and health checks are immensely important as organizations face margin pressure and higher consumer expectations. Automated targeted digital signage advertisements based on visiting customer profiles—when repeat customers are identified or real-time insights actioned—can also be extremely valuable to enable upsell opportunities and drive revenues, not to mention increase the customer experience. Shop Suite Pro also enables organizations to benchmark stores and understand relative performance of similar shops to further increase revenues and average service levels.

Similarly, in the hospitality industry, the deployment of edge AI enables organizations to analyze and transform guest data into actionable insights to enhance the visitor experience, optimize operations, and gain a competitive advantage. Hundreds of lenses capture service moments — valuable data points fed directly into the Edge Signal Hospitality Suite application. Define zones of interest, like front desk, concierge, or elevators and analyze queue metrics, measure “time to engage” with guests when they visit amenities, receive instant notifications about overcrowding during peak times, identify repeat guests/visitors to increase loyalty, and deploy staff strategically to manage increased traffic flow, ensuring guest safety and comfort. These are just some of the many examples that the Hospitality Suite app enables.
As the examples show, edge AI offers significant advantages for retail and hospitality businesses as it enables them to deliver better customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and stay competitive in today’s dynamic market landscape.

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Edge Signal is a full-fledged edge computing platform, which accelerates application development by providing complete edge infrastructure management and edge AI development capabilities. Edge Signal helps pinpointing anomalies, analyzing visuals, providing insights, monitoring customer behavior, driving predictive maintenance, automating local machines, and more — leaving businesses to focus on their operations instead of the intricacies of edge computing or AI.

Edge Signal is device- and hyperscaler- agnostic, with built-in security. It has a comprehensive vision AI toolset, which enables organizations to generate insights from any camera stream in real time.

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