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Pisano Introduces an AI-Powered Assistant to Shape the Future of XM

Pisano — All-in-one experience management solutions

Pisano, a leading provider of Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) software announced the groundbreaking launch of Leo, its revolutionary AI-powered XM assistant.

As the agile company continues its rapid and steady growth, the Pisano commitment to innovation is further reinforced by industry recognition, including placement in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for VoC solutions, recognition as a Customers’ Choice on Gartner Peer Insights and recognition as a Leader on Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ SPARK Matrix.

This dedication to innovation drives the development of groundbreaking solutions like Leo that mark a significant leap forward in experience management (XM).
By simplifying survey management, generating actionable insights, auto­mating tasks and facilitating real-time analysis, Leo empowers businesses to maximize the value of the feedback.

LEO — A New Era for Experience Professionals

Building on the Pisano progressive mindset, Leo transcends the limitations of conventional XM practices.
Leo serves as a consistently supportive partner, streamlining the creation of surveys, flows, and dashboards. Also facilitating real-time analysis, generating actionable insights, and automating routine tasks — freeing up valuable time for XM professionals to focus on strategic initiatives.

Key functionalities of Leo include:

Effortless Survey Creation: Leo streamlines survey creation with AI-powered question generation, saving time and ensuring maximum effectiveness.
Dynamic Surveys that Adapt: Leo’s adaptability ensures surveys remain relevant and aligned with evolving objectives, allowing for easy integration of new questions and adjustments.

AI-Powered Deep Analysis: Leo delves deep into feedback data, uncovering hidden trends, and potential areas for improvement. He generates recommendations based on these insights, empowering businesses to drive tangible improvements in products and services.

Personalized Responses and Automated Workflows: Leo personalizes responses through sentiment analysis and automates tasks to enhance the feedback experience and demonstrate to stakeholders that their feedback is valued.

Minimized Manual Workload: By boosting survey completion rates and delivering clear, actionable insights, Leo frees XM professionals to focus on collaborating with customer-facing departments and product development teams for maximum impact.

Powering the Pisano Innovation Engine
Leo is more than just a product, Leo embodies the innovative spirit of Pisano. Pisano considers AI to be the future of XM and wants Leo to remain the most advanced and effective AI assistant in the XM environment.

Consequently, the Pisano team are driven by a strong ambition to consistently enhance Leo’s capabilities, making him the cornerstone of every Pisano initiative.
As the Pisano Experience Management Platform functionalities expand, Leo’s intelligence will seamlessly adapt, further streamlining the XM workflow.

ABOUT Pisano

Founded in 2015 with a goal to spread feedback-centric business culture around the world, Pisano has established itself as a global leader in experience management with more than 100 customers worldwide, across diverse sectors.
Pisano empowers businesses with an easy to buy, easy to integrate and easy to use experience management platform to transform feedback into actionable intelligence, fostering trust and loyalty with both customers and employees.