ProntoForms Achieves Valuable Gartner Group Recognition

The past months at ProntoForms have been busy. Among the more significant developments from a marketing and sales perspective, the company was recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low Code Application Platforms (LCAP). Gartner is one of the most trusted research groups in the technology industry, and this “third-party validation” for the ProntoForms platform provides valuable market credibility. More than 200 companies that identify as LCAP were evaluated by Gartner during the exercise. Only 18 were recognized on the Magic Quadrant (MQ) — ProntoForms is pleased to be counted among that top nine percent.

ProntoForms is the only enterprise LCAP on the Gartner list that is designed exclusively to automate field service tasks. The MQ recognition means the product is not only best-in-the-field, but best-in-class as well. The platform enables enterprise operations teams to craft custom, contextual applications and workflows driven directly by those who understand the processes and needs — the field technicians themselves. ProntoForms software integrates with leading Field Service Management (FSM) solutions and multiple back-office systems, and enables the creation of workflows that are 100% digital. The results include more empowered and more productive field personnel, able to collect greater amounts of data in a more accurate manner.

Beyond improved operational performance, customers can leverage this improved field data to feed other applications — for example, to make better use of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that rely on very ‘clean’ data to work their magic. A major gas and electric utility customer in the United States has begun doing just that. The data their field technicians now collect on their mobile devices includes a measure of the corrosion on the meters they are responsible for reading. That added data set is then fed into an AI-enabled analysis engine that determines optimum preventative maintenance schedules for those important meters — an extended and valuable benefit driven by ProntoForms software.