ProntoForms Propels Expansion With Focus on Optimizing Technician Experience

PRONTOFORMS — The global leader in field Intelligence

In early August, ProntoForms (soon to be TrueContext) secured a $360K contract win with its new multi-language workflow capability. The achievement further expands the company’s existing business relationship with a global heavy equipment manufacturer, who is gearing up to deploy the feature to roughly 2,500 technicians speaking over 10 languages in as many countries. The customer also expects to extend the rollout to another 1,200 users across the EMEA and Latin America region throughout 2024.

The multi-language add-on package was released by ProntoForms earlier this year, giving multinational field service environments the capability to collaborate on a single workflow without the need for separate versions in different languages.

“By allowing field service staff to express their technical fluency regardless of the language used, customers will be able to harness the full potential of field intelligence across geographic and cultural borders. Language can be a barrier, and the sooner organizations enable employees of all languages the faster they can achieve the highest levels of productivity,” says Philip Deck, Co-CEO of ProntoForms.

The multi-language integration helps address immediate challenges in compliance, process standardization, and business efficiency.

The modern local workforce is more fluid and multilingual every day, while global companies continue to serve customers who span multiple languages and demand dexterity in managing different scenarios. For organizations looking to optimize both their customer and technician experience, our capability removes workarounds and impediments to scalability, providing alternatives for local agility and central coordination to increase productivity. This is just the start of the many improvements our multi-language roadmap is delivering,” says Alvaro Pombo, Co-CEO of ProntoForms.

ProntoForms, soon to be TrueContext, continues to propel expansion by optimizing their customer experience through innovations in field intelligence across the globe.

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