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In the dynamic world of customer-centric solutions, Pisano, founded in 2015, has emerged as a true pioneer. Based in London, this leading Voice of Customer (VoC) and Voice of Employee (VoE) software provider has continuously driven innovation to empower businesses worldwide.

Pisano’s impressive journey is marked by a series of achievements that underscore its commitment to excellence and innovation. Its growth has been nothing short of remarkable, with a staggering 2X annual recurring revenue (ARR) growth year over year. This growth is a testament to Pisano’s ability to consistently deliver tangible value to its clients, exceeding industry benchmarks and expectations.

An Easy to Buy, Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use Platform

However, what truly sets Pisano apart is its advanced, easy-to-use platform that offers an unparalleled suite of business value propositions. With a single platform for real-time engagement, Pisano simplifies the complex process of listening and understanding customers and employees. This all-in-one solution boasts a 100% implementation rate, ensuring there are no more disjointed systems that don’t integrate seamlessly.

Pisano shines by having 95% of its platform users live within just 45 days, a crucial advantage where other enterprise platforms often falter due to their complexity. Thanks to a robust partner network, Pisano offers smooth integrations, and there are no limits when it comes to the number of feedback, surveys, users, roles, and more. The Solution Kit includes industry and role based VoC programs for quick integration and effortless usage.

With an average of 1000 daily active users per customer and an impressive 7-hour average ticket resolution time, Pisano ensures prompt and effective support. Additionally, Pisano is equipped to collect feedback in over 40 of the most spoken languages, making it a global leader in catering to diverse customer needs.

A Global Leader in VoC Solutions

Recognized as a top-rated VoC platform with high customer ratings, Pisano proudly embraces the ‘Customer First Program’ on Gartner Peer Insights, solidifying its commitment to customer-centric excellence.

Pisano’s recognition as a leader among global VoC vendors, as positioned in the SPARK Matrix for Voice of the Customer (VoC) by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, speaks volumes about its excellence. The SPARK Matrix™ analysis commends Pisano for its technology excellence and significant customer impact, underscoring its industry leadership.

By seamlessly incorporating generative AI capabilities into its offerings, Pisano is charting the course for the future of customer-centric solutions.

Recognized AI-Powered Capabilities in Experience Management

Pisano’s commitment to harnessing the power of AI has earned it recognition as an industry leader in experience management. This distinction stems from Pisano’s integration of AI across its platform’s core functions.

Pisano’s innovative approach combines in-house AI models with external resources like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google to provide a comprehensive text analysis and categorization system. This dynamic technology ensures that customer and employee feedback is transformed into actionable insights, fueling enhancements in experiences across the board.

As a testament to Pisano’s dedication to customer-centric innovation, the platform regularly collects feedback on customer expectations related to AI, directly influencing its product roadmap development. This collaborative approach ensures that Pisano remains at the forefront of AI-driven experience management in the following developing areas which are globally recognized as AI-Powered Capabilities in Experience Management Industry.

AI-Driven Issue Resolution: Text analytics extending beyond analysis to predict potential issues. When a customer expresses dissatisfaction, Pisano’s AI swiftly identifies this sentiment status and content categories of the comment, highlights potential churn risks, and classifies the customer as a detractor. In such cases, automatic intervention, like assigning feedback to specific personnel, is supported to ensure high-priority resolution.

Streamlined Customer Journeys: Through role-based dashboards, the Pisano platform reveals metrics like feedback volume, CSAT scores, NPS rankings, and churn risk predictions. This data equips branch managers with various roles with the insights they need to make informed decisions and proactively engage with customers, preserving valuable relationships.

Generative AI Unleashes Insights: Generative AI excels in creating content and surveys that enhance customer understanding. For instance, when a customer submits negative feedback, the AI tags it as such and generates content categories like “Customer Service Frustration” and “Help Requests”. These categories help route feedback to the relevant teams for swift issue resolution. It creates profile-based predictions using advanced analytics and predictive modeling algorithms, then assigns jobs to people to execute these outputs.

Closing the Loop Seamlessly: A comprehensive approach to closing the feedback loop ensures no concerns go unresolved, whether through manual or automated methods, facilitating prompt and effective responses. With the support of generative AI, content categories can be seamlessly incorporated into responses, ensuring a flexible and multi-layered approach to issue resolution. It can provide quick feedback to customers and create personalized automated responses.

Pisano’s Product-Led, Customer-Driven Approach

Through ongoing collaboration with its user base, Pisano not only listens but actively integrates their feedback into the platform’s evolving roadmap. This strategic engagement propels Pisano to the forefront of AI-driven experience management in areas that are globally recognized as transformative capabilities in the industry. The future of customer and employee experiences is being reshaped by Pisano’s pioneering advancements, as it remains dedicated to enhancing and personalizing interactions across the globe. £

About Pisano

Pisano, founded in 2015, is a leading VoC and VoE software provider headquartered in London, serving businesses worldwide, empowering enterprises with innovative tools and insights to thrive in a customer-centric world, with a strong presence in various sectors, including BFS, telecommunication, eCommerce, retail, transportation & media, healthcare, entertainment, food & beverages, manufacturing, gaming, and government & public sectors.

Pisano VoC and VoE platforms, driven by advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, transform feedback into actionable information, fostering trust and loyalty with customers and employees.