RFence Engages Critical Customers in the Advanced Security Systems Space

RFence — Radio Frequency Security Systems

RFence is focused on advanced security systems based on wireless communications environment monitoring. Since January 2023, RFence has been engaging with critical customers and gaining visibility with a functional and reliable product which has garnered positive feedback.

Currently running a demonstration project with an established company in the French security industry, RFence is benefitting from user feedback directly from the field in the three different locations which will assist the main product, Horus, to better meet customer demands.

The Horus solution allows the detection of radio transmitters across the entire radio spectrum with accurate location and control. Horus detects and locates, designed to detect physical intrusions and Radio-Frequency jamming with a high degree of confidence by relying on a sophisticated network of sensors that detect any intrusion attempts and send alerts to security personnel in real-time. The system is customizable, allowing it to be tailored to the specific needs of a particular customer and their site.

Ramping up efforts with its new sales team, RFence has signed on beta customers and expects to attract promising prospects during this year. Among these prospects are the harbors of Calais and Le Havre, two key locations for the French logistics industry with significant demand for high-end security solutions.

RFence has also caught the attention of a major Energy company in France, which is very interested in securing their radio-frequency environments with RFence expertise and technologies. The innovative approach towards security by this start-up has drawn interest because many of the threats customers are experiencing are currently not defended by any other solution in the market.

RFence is supported by Alacrité France, a member of the Alacrity Global brand which funds and scales technology start up companies around the globe.