Security Operations Centers (Socs) Need A Clear Picture Of Their Evolving IT Environments

OverSOC, part of the Alacrité France cohort of start-up companies in Lille, France, continued to make client progress over the Quarter with their innovative SaaS. The 3D, real-time mapping and analysis application has been designed specifically for enterprise IT teams and SOCs. It enables better collaboration between CISOs, IT leaders, analysts, cybersecurity experts and solution providers in order to analyze, maintain, repair and protect corporate and organizational IT infrastructure and networks more effectively.

Many of these tasks are currently executed using spreadsheets and a range of non-integrated dashboards, graphs and system reports. These tools and techniques often prove inadequate today, as the IT environments themselves continue to evolve to become more diversified, complex and geographically dispersed, and as the security threats they are faced with evolve in lockstep. OverSOC has seized the opportunity to apply better automation to these problems with their advanced map-generation and analysis tool. And initial clients are impressed.

The OverSOC ‘cartography’ helps simplify the complexity of large IT deployments. It proves invaluable in the management of system expansions, ubiquitous updates and new integrations, and importantly, it provides greater visibility into potential and real security exposures, which helps improve defenses and incident response practices. It gives all stakeholders a common, visual reference with which to make collaborative operational, capital, growth, security and other IT decisions. Learn more at

OverSOC uses the latest representation tools and techniques to map all relevant data points, combining cyber, communication and network metrics together to display status and any risks.