Solace Plays Integral Role in Driving Eda Worldwide

SOLACE — Leading enabler of event-driven architecture for realtime enterprises

Solace has had a very busy couple of months powering and supporting event-driven architecture (EDA) and its ecosystem worldwide via three key initiatives.

First, Solace worked with IDC, a global market intelligence firm, to produce a comprehensive report about the adoption of EDA. The IDC Infobrief, released in April 2023, called Getting in Sync: Unlocking the Exponential Business Value of Real-Time Event-Driven Data Flows, was based on a survey of over 300 enterprise IT professionals around the world. The report reveals that as enterprises gain experience with EDA, they recognize new areas of their business in which it could be beneficial. This is reflected by the fact that 82% said their company plans to apply EDA to two to three new use cases within the next 24 months, and 93% of companies that have deployed EDA across multiple use cases said EDA has met or exceeded their expectations. You can read the full Infobrief here.

Second, Solace sponsored the EDA Summit 2023 Virtual Conference, held on May 10, 2023, which gave almost 6,000 registered attendees — including application developers, enterprise architects and technical leaders — the opportunity to connect with each other, learn about the latest developments in the EDA space, and pick up some best practices and tips. The event featured 70 presentations by a combination of enterprises who have implemented EDA and service and solution providers that give them the know-how and tools to do so. The talks are available here.

Third, in early July, Solace recognized AWS, Infosys and SAP as global partners of the year to highlight the important role they play in helping enterprises modernize and transform their IT infrastructure with EDA. Solace also recognized seven companies for their role in growing their customer base around the world: BnG System, Boomi, Intelligent Wave, INVIXO Consulting, Pace Integration, Saydo, and Sonivy. Learn more.