Solink Continues to Eclipse Previous Highs

With a cloud-based surveillance platform that integrates client video with relevant operational data, and a unique SaaS pricing model, portfolio company Solink has been disrupting the traditional video surveillance industry in an increasing way for several years now. This fiscal Quarter proved no different, with the company accelerating introductions to new customers and breaking previous highs for system installations.

Solink also reached an important milestone. At the end of the quarter, the company had more than 10,000 customer locations “Protected by Solink”, representing more than 150,000 surveillance cameras under management in the Solink cloud.

The Solink mission is to protect the livelihoods of their customers — their people, patrons and profits. As a result, much of the quarterly growth came from expansion within this customer base — repeat purchases by existing clients. This speaks to the benefits being delivered, the ‘stickiness’ of the solution, and the increasing Lifetime Value (LTV) of the majority of accounts. These are strong attributes for the company, as the quarter also saw first-time purchases from client brands with considerable upside — for example, quick-service restaurants with hundreds, if not thousands of individual franchise locations.

To spur this growth further, the company continues to increase capacity through hiring (surpassing 140 full- and part-time employees during the Quarter), and accelerate investments in Sales and Marketing to provide broader exposure to and support for more markets. This is opportunistic at the same time, as many clients have expansion plans that include deploying the technology in international locations. Nothing like having local customer references as you expand operations globally.

Solink is committed to providing the most user-friendly and effective video surveillance system in the industry. It offers brick-and-mortar businesses a smart way to manage operations, security and loss prevention. Results such as those from the latest Quarter prove the company continues to live up to that commitment …