Streetwave Maps Mobile Coverage for Major Railway Operator in the UK

Streetwave — Mobile network coverage performance maps

Streetwave continues to build the world’s most detailed mobile coverage map by tackling the significant issues that arise when government, businesses and individuals do not understand the coverage quality of the mobile networks that they depend upon.

In the first few months of 2023, Streetwave began working with a significant rail operator in the UK to map user experience of the mobile networks along their transport lines. The train operator wanted to understand the locations of the Not Spots coverage (spots without mobile coverage) that were stopping its passengers from working, socialising and video streaming when using the internet on their journeys. With an ambition to offer their passengers faster and more dependable onboard Wi-Fi, they also wanted to understand which mobile network could best provide these systems.

After surveying over 1,300 miles of railway, Streetwave was able to identify over 1,000 Not Spots that were affecting passengers’ user experience. These findings will now be used to work collaboratively with the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to improve the mobile coverage along these stretches of line.

Over the past year, Streetwave has perfected a unique, robust and accurate data collection system to survey mobile network coverage at highly granular levels. This system benchmarks user experience for the mobile networks at every address in surveyed regions. Streetwave visualises these results through an intuitive web application to enable customers to quickly understand the information presented. Connection availability for video streaming, internet browsing, voice calling, and Microsoft Teams are all identified across user’s locations of interest.

This project is just one example of how Streetwave is generating value for its customers and at the same time expanding its mobile coverage surveys across road, rail and other transport networks.