Streetwave Paves the Way for Nationwide Mobile Coverage Mapping

Streetwave — Mobile network coverage performance maps

Streetwave, a company dedicated to accurate mobile network coverage mapping, has taken a significant step towards becoming the first to offer a comprehensive, nationwide dataset for the UK.

Scaling Up Success: From Inner London to Nationwide Potential

The company recently completed a successful large-scale test, mapping a staggering 95% of roads across inner London. This accomplishment, along with mapping efforts in Cambridge and Edinburgh, serves as a critical building block for their nationwide ambition.

Learning from the Streets: Iteration and Optimization

Streetwave didn’t stop there. They’ve analyzed the learnings from these large-scale tests and further iterated on their mapping solution. This dedication to continuous improvement has brought them to the cusp of achieving their nationwide goal.

The Final Step: Route Optimization for Efficiency

One final test remains: route optimization. This step ensures minimal data collection overlap, maximizing efficiency across the entire nation.

Unlocking New Markets:

Upon completion of this final test, Streetwave will be well-positioned to secure funding for the nationwide mapping project. This ground-breaking dataset, with its unique granularity, will revolutionize several segments:

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs): Strategy and networking teams can leverage this data to optimize network investment versus competitor networks. For the first time, their marketing teams will be able to create targeted local marketing campaigns based on specific mobile coverage strengths.
  • Government Policy and Investment: Central and local governments can utilize this data to inform investments in infrastructure and shape effective policies that promote economic development.
  • Empowered Consumers: Individuals will finally have access to a comprehensive resource to choose the best mobile network provider for their needs.

The Future of Mobile Connectivity: Informed Decisions for All

Streetwave’s nationwide mobile coverage mapping is poised to be a game-changer. By providing detailed and reliable data, it empowers not just consumers, but the entire mobile ecosystem to make informed decisions.