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Sustainability Begins with Actionable Change

KRP PROPERTIES Largest techno-centric business park in Canada –

The team at KRP Properties is putting exactly that into practice, driving sustainability with actionable change, and it is paying off.

One such KRP Green project includes a complete upgrade of the company’s central Building Automation Systems (BAS). A BAS allows operators to access, control, and monitor all connected buildings from a single interface; thereby assisting the team to act when needed to reduce the overall power consumption for the buildings.

In addition, the KRP team also installed new top-of-the-line, highly efficient, Roof Top Units (RTUs) across several of their buildings, which further enabled them to bring greater efficiency to overall energy consumption. The lighting retrofits also helped the overall bottom-line expenditures. All KRP Green projects underwent a measurement and verification period of six months, comparing results to the previous six months utility data, and the results spoke for themselves.

A grand total of $670,483 in rebates was received. Not only have these upgrades helped the environment by meeting and exceeding regulation standards, but they also contribute to healthier buildings for increased occupant wellness over time. Rebate funding received will be reallocated back into these properties to bring about further changes to increase efficiencies for years to come.

KRP Properties is leading sustainability efforts in the commercial real estate sector and living up to their motto: More Than Just Space. To learn more about KRP’s sustainability efforts, click here