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Sustainability Remains Top Priority for KRP Properties

KRP Properties — Kanata, Ottawa’s most recognized commercial real estate provider

As part of their dedication to providing sustainable spaces for their tenants, the team at KRP Properties developed the KRP Green initiative, following a three-pronged strategy of People, Planet, and Profit. This is the guiding principle of how KRP Properties builds, renovates, maintains, and operates its buildings. Through this, KRP is not only reducing their impact on the environment, but also improving the indoor living environment for their tenants and, as a bonus, reducing costs on heating, cooling and water — savings which are in turn shared with the tenants.

The KRP Green Team is a dedicated set of individuals who are continuously monitoring and recommending innovation within their portfolio, by identifying energy savings and other sustainability opportunities.

Proposed projects must fit within the specific KRP Green framework and demonstrate value to KRP’s stakeholders. Performance-based outcomes need to be demonstrated with measurable metrics, either financial or environmental.

More than anything else, what sets KRP Properties apart from the rest is the willingness to go beyond what’s necessary and innovate new and actionable plans of savings and sustainability.