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Teldio and Avtec Extend Two-Way Radio Dispatching with Visual Situational Awareness

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Revolutionizing Dispatch Operations with Location Tracking, Messaging, Alarming, and Integrations

Today, integrating diverse systems and technologies is vital for enhancing operational efficiency and security across various sectors. Teldio, a global leader in advanced two-way radio and video solutions, and Avtec, a Motorola Solutions company and industry leader in radio dispatch consoles for mission-critical and commercial communications, extended Avtec Scout Console deployments to include Teldio TruFleet Plus.

With Teldio, Avtec customers can extend the functionality of their radio dispatch networks by enabling accurate location tracking for both indoor and outdoor environments, radio messaging, and active alarms directly within Avtec Scout Console, catering to the needs of multiple industries.

Teldio TruFleet Plus also provides native connection between Avtec radio dispatch networks and Motorola Solutions’ Avigilon video security deployments, enabling location and critical events to trigger video actions.

This integrated solution offers significant benefits to a variety of industries like manufacturing, aviation, and utilities, providing repeatable use cases for enhanced safety, security and efficiency.

For instance, in a manufacturing plant where a lone worker is operating heavy machinery and an accident occurs, Teldio TruFleet Plus seamlessly triggers an emergency notification directly within the Avtec Scout Console, alerting dispatchers to the incident’s precise location. This immediate notification enables responders to swiftly locate the worker amidst the large plant, ensuring prompt assistance.

Similarly, at an airport, video surveillance cameras detect an individual trespassing into a restricted area, triggering an emergency notification within Avtec Scout Console via Teldio TruFleet Plus, notifying security and pinpointing the intruder’s precise whereabouts. This integrated approach enables a fast and strategic response to neutralize potential threats, significantly bolstering overall security measures throughout the airport.

Additionally, in utility operations, when a technician encounters an issue requiring team assistance at a job site, they promptly notify dispatch. Leveraging real-time location tracking, dispatch quickly identifies the nearest available technician and sends them a radio message within Avtec Scout Console via Teldio TruFleet Plus. This efficient process enables dispatch to deploy assistance to the technician in need, ensuring swift resolution of the issue and minimizing operational downtime.

This integration provides comprehensive solutions for communication, safety, security and efficiency across industries, aligning with the current customer priorities of visibility, integration, and automation.

As Teldio remains committed to delivering high-value, North American built and supported solutions, this integrated solution signifies a significant step towards meeting evolving safety, productivity, and operational excellence standards in radio and video network domains. Learn more at