Teldio Helps Clients Advance Their Digital Transformation Strategies

As COVID-19 began affecting businesses around the world, many responded with new strategies that took them and their products into new industries and markets. Ottawa-based Teldio is another such company.

Most Teldio customers are Fortune-1000 corporations, running private radio and data networks at locations that sometimes have no IT staff, no Internet connection and no ability for workers to carry mobile phones. Teldio technology must work locally and across multiple locations, in real-time, with a high degree of reliability and availability. Starting in March, Teldio management saw a shift in expectations of their existing two- way radio and network design applications, as partners and clients began looking at dig- ital transformation strategies in response to the pandemic.

Teldio moved quickly to meet the evolving needs. The company doubled the size of the R&D team, focused on strengths that will help ensure success during these unique times and beyond, and introduced several enhanced applications as a result. For example, new technologies provide additional tracking of people and items, indoors and out, in an updated GPS Fleet Management application. Remote workers can now join conference calls on two-way radios in an improved Voice application, providing consistent communication and increased safety for lone workers. New rules options, geofencing features and time zone controls help optimize resources in an enhanced Workforce application. The company is also adding contact-tracing  features  into  the app for use in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, healthcare facilities and other environments where maximizing staff safety is paramount to ensuring the continuity of business operations.

More new features are being worked on moving forward, in partnership with Teldio dealers and customers. All part of “working hard, listening to customers and focusing on positive outcomes”, as CEO, Peter Kuciak, puts it. A recently-introduced Teldio Edge Gateway is a cost-effective edge-computing platform that will interface with a variety  of physical or digital voice or data system inputs and outputs, including industrial IoT (Internet of Things) devices, wireless technologies on private and public networks, and more. This new platform with enable flexible, reliable, tailored applications for specific and sometimes very complex needs. Customer prospects include airports, factories, global data centers, large office campuses, military installations, mining operations and oil rigs.

As corporations of all types look to move ahead digitally, Teldio continues to advance its product and service offerings to keep pace, now and in the future. Visit their web- site for more information.