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The world of work and AI are often referenced as a cliché — that AI will only take jobs away from people. However, as AI technology adoption continues to grow at every level across industries, individuals and team leaders alike are realizing that there are realistic applications for AI tools that will benefit all parties.

The solution to navigating this world of work is to embrace AI technologies and empower end users to understand and find success in using them.

Thrive continues to enhance its platform of career advancement, job search, and even employer tools. This also means continuing to develop generative AI-integrated features.

Currently, individuals leverage AI and real-time labour market data via the Thrive Career Path Explorer to extract skills from their resume, create a skills profile (SkillsID), then explore recommended career paths, all while receiving local insights, job postings, and learning recommendations.

AI-powered tools at Thrive will enable and accelerate skill assessments, personalized learning, job matching, career advancement, workflow optimization, and more. For example, the resume builder with generative AI enhancements will reduce the amount of time to develop tailored applications for different job postings.

Streamlining the job search process while also empowering individuals already in a role will help advance their careers faster. By reducing mundane tasks and enhancing job-matching precision, AI liberates individuals to focus on skill acquisition and strategic work, ultimately enabling them to pursue career advancement opportunities more effectively than ever before.

The impact of AI is a testament to the evolving nature of work in a technology-driven world, where continuous learning and adaptability are central to transforming and thriving one’s career.

EmployNext Launch

As part of the Ontario Government’s Employment Service Transformation, Thrive alongside consortium partners Serco and Deloitte have launched the EmployNext program for the Kingston-Pembroke region. Creating this new digital delivery model and making government career support more accessible is a huge milestone and will continue to be Thrive’s catalyst for growth. Read more here.

AI is fundamentally transforming the landscape of the labour market ecosystem. Thrive is proud to be an emerging leader helping organizations in Canada and across the globe navigate their approach to the changing world of work.