Timing is everything. 
We know this all too well at Eunomart.

Eunomart — Platform to guide art market professionals through their legal and administrative procedures

We’ve honed our approach to align perfectly with the evolving needs of the art market. Our journey has been one of patience, strategy, and unwavering dedication to our mission of guiding art professionals through legal complexities, especially concerning money laundering and financing of terrorism.

Anticipating the moment when our solution would be indispensable for our customers, many of whom were unaware of the need to protect themselves from customs controls and fines, we worked on a three-pronged strategy.

Firstly, we embarked on a deliberate journey to establish ourselves within the market, positioning Eunomart as a trusted ally and cultivating credibility by forging partnerships.

Secondly, we exercised fiscal prudence, carefully managing expenses to allow us the time before regulatory pressure increased to refine our product and fortify our position.

Lastly, we prioritized the development of a robust product ready for widespread adoption and easy export to other countries taking into account different languages and laws.

In October 2023, as customs controls intensified in France and fines increased, the spotlight turned to the necessity of solutions like ours. It was a pivotal moment — a validation of our foresight and preparation. Our customers, once indifferent or unaware of the looming risks, now recognized the imperative need for our services.

Today we are happy to share with you the extremely positive trend in our sales. Our MRR curve follows the classic hockey stick chart, trending upward. Achieving positive cash flow for the first time by the end of 2023 marked a significant milestone — one that we’re consistently building upon month after month. We are also aiming to rapidly achieve breakeven.

Our focus remains on solidifying our presence in the French market across various professions, including antique dealers, gallery owners, and auctioneers, with our sights set on broader horizons. In 2024, we’re gearing up to secure funding to expedite our international expansion — an indication of our confidence in the efficacy and scalability of our solution. For more information, please visit eunomart.com.