VizioSense Revolutionizes Parking Space Monitoring

VizioSense — Smart Vision Solutions

VizioSense, a leader in privacy-centric visual AI solutions, has recently completed its most extensive project to date. In the city of Ettelbruck, Luxembourg, VizioSense deployed 29 sensors with VizioPark™ providing efficient, reliable parking management.

VizioPark, the VizioSense flagship product, revolutionizes parking space monitoring by utilizing AI-powered sensors to detect availability. A robust installation process for efficient, reliable parking management uses cutting-edge AI and computer vision to detect parking spot occupancy within a given area. By processing data directly on the sensor equipped with an AI processor, VizioPark ensures maximum privacy for individuals — only the parking spot number and its occupancy status are communicated to the Cloud.

Ettelbruck citizens now benefit from the VizioPark dynamic signage system, efficiently guiding them to available parking spots throughout the city. The system also helps enforce the two-hour parking limit in the city center, ensuring fair access for all visitors. Moreover, the analytics provided by VizioPark assist city officials in making data-driven urban development decisions.

In partnership with its integrator, RMS, VizioSense is actively pursuing new opportunities across Luxembourg, targeting shopping malls, airports, and Park & Ride parking lots near train stations with the innovative VizioSense solution.

VizioSense has successfully replaced competitors in Ettelbruck and other Luxembourg cities due to its unparalleled precision and the autonomy it provides to integrator partners for installation, configuration, and maintenance.

VizioPark will support unmarked on-street parking, expanding its potential reach to 100% of available parking spaces. With proven technology and impressive return on investment, VizioSense aims to establish partnerships with IoT and parking integrators beyond Europe, solidifying its position as a global industry leader in visual recognition solutions.